Our passion: organic produce of the highest quality

Organic. Simple. Delicious.

At NATUR COMPAGNIE we love creating delicious recipes for the whole family. We conquer the challenge of conjuring up a natural, home-cooked meal, despite the hectic pace of everyday family life where there’s very little time. That’s why we develop organic produce of the highest quality that requires minimal prep time.
On the one hand, our products have been designed for communal dining with the whole family, and on the other, for consumption alone in the office or at home when snacking.

What's inside our products?

No added sugar

When it comes to eating healthy foods, a low sugar content is a must-have for many consumers. That’s why, wherever possible, our products don’t contain any added sugar, such as maltodextrin, glucose syrup and raw cane sugar.


Do you have any questions about our products?

Answers to many of the queries you might have – for example, on ingredients and manufacturing processes – can be found on our FAQ page. Just take a look!


Our motto: shea butter in place of palm oil

With the design of our products, we’re taking responsibility for both people and nature. That’s why we use shea butter in place of palm oil in all of our products and support shea butter cultivation in Africa.


Our customers' favourite products