Express Mediterranean Rice

Heading south

The Mediterranean region has an aroma like no other, with its abundance of colourful flavours. We’ve packed all of these flavours into our Mediterranean rice, which comes already prepared so that your ideal meal is ready to eat in just a few minutes.

250 g
Art-No.: 4354

Parboiled long grain rice*, precooked (89.2%), cornstarch*, tomatoes* (3.8%), sea salt, onions*, olive oil*, carrots*, bell peppers*, garlic*, pepper*, rosemary*, nutmeg*, thyme*, basil*, courgette* (1.6%), sunflower oil*.

* Certified organic.
Certified by DE-ÖKO-001.
May contain traces of: gluten, soy
  • vegan
  • vegetarian
  • without added sugar
  • ** naturally contains sugar


IN THE PAN: Before opening, gently squeeze the packet to separate the rice. Heat up 45 ml (approx. 3 tbsp.) of water in a pan and add the rice. Heat for 3 minutes in the pan, stirring occasionally.

Please note: When preparing the rice in the microwave, tear a small opening at the top of the packet on both sides, and heat at 800 watts for a maximum of 2 minutes.

Nutritional information
Ø Nutritional information per 100 g:
Energy 550 KJ / 131 kcal
Fat 1,1 g
- of which: saturates 0,2 g
Carbohydrate 23 g
- of which: sugars 2,9 g
Protein 3,6 g
Salt 1,3 g